Abstract: The home automation and security using IOT project that we have designed is to make home more secure and automated by using internet of things. We have used Raspberry pi and Raspberry pi camera which is attached at the side of the door. When an authorised person comes in front of raspberry pi camera, it detects the face and start comparing with database images. If face matches with database images then gate automatically opens and if it does not matches then raspberry sends a message to owner of house that “home entry detected”.  Then the owner can use VS380 Wi-Fi camera which is also attached on side of the door, for watching video outside of home through his mobile and he also can talk with unauthorised person. If owner get to know the person is guest or authorised person then he can open the door home by sending “*y#” message through his phone then gate will open and  all home appliances will switch ON.

Keywords: Raspberry pi, IOT, Home Security, Automation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8512

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