Abstract: Automatic control of home appliances must be artificially intelligent systems that need to make itself depend on human being's action and surroundings. These systems are thoroughly examine user requirements and conditions of the neighbouring in order to estimate future actions and reduce user interactions. Here we bring a new Home automatic control system based on machine learning. In this system we put forward VGG16+LSTM Architecture to increases accuracy and efficiency of the system. The system contains three modes of operations to control home appliances, they are: emotion detection mode, automatic mode and manual mode. This system prominence given to energy consumption and prediction performed by logistic regression and also determine frequency occurring set of devices by using apriori Algorithm .The another component of this system is that we can examine power consumption of individual devices.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Association rules, VGG16, LSTM, Logistic Regression, Apriori algorithm

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10121

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