Abstract: Now-a-days information and communication technology support the development of human interaction with physical, computer and virtual environment such as science, commercial, banking, education, etc. A field of computer science which deals with a combining of reality with computer related data can be called as Augmented Reality. In early days if we users wanted to buy a furniture/decorative objects without visiting the shops it was possible but it was not possible to check how the object actually looks in home structure. Now in our proposed system, it is possible for user to buy the furniture objects sitting in the home without visiting the shops. The main purpose of the “Furniture Layout Application Using Augmented Reality” is to develop an android application for trying different furniture in virtual way using a mobile which supports AR camera. The application will remove or rather eliminate the human efforts by physically visiting the furniture store which is too much time-consuming activity. Besides, this it might be easier to use this technique in Online shopping as an option for user to try out the furniture items in their room they are thinking to buy and allow user to visualize the room how it will look after placing furniture in it. User can try out multiple combinations virtually, without physical movement of furniture items. Our motivation here is to increase the time efficiency and improve the accessibility of furniture try on by creating furniture augmented reality application. This system will help the customer to view the furniture object virtually in real environment before buying the object. Due to this system customer will come to know how his home structure would look after buying the furniture object. This system would let the user to try multiple combination of object virtually without physical movement of furniture objects. These will help the buyer to determine how to setup furniture in home structure.

Keywords : Augmented-reality , Markless-Detection , Rendering, Firebase, 3D model.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10478

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