Abstract: In today’s rapidly moving world where almost everything is driven by technology, it has become the central and essential part of living. With increasing rate of crime, protecting our loved ones and our belongings has become important. However, Home Security and Automation System achieved great popularity in the last decades and it increases the comfort and quality of life. Nowadays most home security and automation systems consist of a smart phone and micro controller. A smart phone application is used to control and monitor the home appliances using different type of communication techniques. This basically helps us to provide the comfort in the human life with less investment of money. The main focus of this study to reduce uses of hardware and investment cost. There are various existing systems that are used for security purposes such as Bluetooth-based systems, Micro controllers, Arduino boards etc. But they have some disadvantages like limited range, limited accessibility etc. One of the problems associated with this is the threat dangling above our heads, that do our loved ones are safe at home or not, do our belonging are safe or not. Living a secure and peaceful life has become everyone’s fundamental goal. Technology has become most essential and dependent factor in every human’s life. In this study the automation of security was achieved by designing an application on Raspberry Pi through various sensors such as motion sensor -PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors for detection of any intruder in the house.

Keywords: Camera, CCTV, Home automation, Raspberry Pi, Security, Sensor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9635

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