Abstract: Inventory management system which is helpful for the business operators, where shopkeeper keep the records of purchase and sales. This inventory is eliminate paper work, human faults , manual delay and speed up process .This inventory management system will have the ability to track sales and available inventory, tells a shopkeeper when it’s time to reorder and how much to purchase. Inventory management system is windows application developed for windows operating systems which focused in the area of inventory control and generate. We aim to make a hassle free Inventory Management System for the staff to keep track of the supplies and raw material, eliminating the need of manual book record system. While making this project we have used the basic as well as advanced knowledge of accounting for better used experience. The software is made up of two parts: The frontend is developed using IIS, .Net Framework and the Backend from MS SQL Express 2019.

Keywords: Hotel Inventory Management, MS SQL Express 2019, IIS, .Net framework, Web Application

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11523

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