The demand for automatic action recognition systems has increased due to the rapid increase in the number of video surveillance cameras installed in cities and towns. Automatic action recognition system can be effectively used to generate on-line alarm in case of abnormal activities to assist human operators and for offline inspection. Although the action recognition problem has become a hot topic within computer vision, detection of violent scenes receives considerable attention in a surveillance system which is justified by the need of providing people with safer public spaces. This survey discusses the current state of the art methods and techniques that are being applied for the task of automated detection of fight, gun, fire. This survey emphasizes on motivation and challenges of this very recent research area by presenting approaches to fight recognition in the surveillance video. gun recognition in the surveillance video and fire recognition in the surveillance video and show update result to dropbox.This paper aims at being a driving force for researchers who wish to approach the study of different activity recognition and gather insights on the main challenges to solve in this emerging field.

Keywords:-Vision Systems, Fire Detection, Smart Cameras, Computer Vision, Object Detection

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105177

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