Abstract: With dramatic advancement in the communication technologies, Sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms by scientist, researchers and engineers made many technological innovations in varieties of domains. One of the technical innovations applied in field of Farm Automations. Farm automations with the technologies enables farmer to monitor the health of the cattle’s, cows continuously and help farm productivity, which intern helps the humans as they depend on the essential needs such as milk, butter, ghee etc.

In India, gain number of cows in dairies has been taken care and habitually needs to observe the health of cows. This paper discusses farm automation referring to cattle, cow health monitoring systems along with many electronic devices such as mobiles and wireless detector to observe and convey the messages.  In this proposed system is machine learning based IoT system which uses wireless technology that maps the special aspects of animal behaviour like temperature, pulse etc. this knowledge is aggregating and coverage to the health care centre. This reduces the nominal health review and long run animal aid price. Along with human monitoring system is proposed to monitor thepulse, blood pressure.

Keywords: Milk Fever, Machine Learning, IOT, Health Care, Wearable Sensors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9422

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