Abstract: Rural library information is maintained manually using hard bounded records which were replaced by software that stored records in form of database. It is also enabled with a wide variety of resources such as E-books, PDF and much more using the Internet. The objective of the proposed system is to provide an interactive system that could be incorporated with voice interaction. The voice interaction is carried out with a help of a tool that could build natural voice experiences and offer users a more intuitive way to interact to get their work done. The Voice User Interface models the real human assistant strategy by incorporating artificial intelligence techniques. In specific, Artificial Intelligence makes the library management system more realistic which can adapt to the scalable requirements of a learner. The proposed system is an interactive library system that uses Amazon’s Echo device, which can help users with the regular operation of new book entry, new user entry, issue and return of books and to query for books on specific inputs such as title, author, publisher etc. through voice interaction without any manual assistance. The system’s specific application is the prediction of books matching the combinations of user requirements. The natural language processing is used to provide support to the user and the artificial intelligence uses an algorithm that can help to suggest or to predict the resource available based on the user’s choice.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Alexa Skills set, Human-Computer Interaction, Lambda function, Natural Language Processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8112

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