Abstract: Cardiac arrhythmia is a hazardous disease that is characterized by an irregular heartbeat. Dysfunctional nodes in cardiac muscles lead to irregular rhythm of heartbeat patterns which induce severe health problems such as cardiac arrest. This irregular heartbeat could be either too slow (less than 60 beats /min) or fast (greater than 100 beats /min). This disease can happen to people at any age. Since it is a life-threatening disease, early arrhythmia diagnosis is useful to save lives. An Internet of Things platform is useful to modernize the health care sectors and this helps to save lives. An IOT platform for the prediction of arrhythmia disease using a device that continuously acquires the patient's ECG signal and processes the ECG signal. Using this device people can check their heart condition by the ECG signal in their home. While processing if there is an emergency it gives an alert to the physician. This helps the physician to analyze the disease as early as possible.

Keywords: ECG telemetry system, ECG sensor, Electrodes, Heart rate, Temperature.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12457

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