Abstract: In college the parking slots are available but sometimes it’s very complicated to find out the empty parking space and there is not any such functionality available for checking the parking slot is available. In institutes there is the separate parking available for faculties and students whenever we would like to search parking slot we have to reach there to find out the available slots. Then it is very less time consuming process to reach till empty or vacant slots. Now a day’s almost all people use the smart phone so if we connect the parking slot to the smart phone then it is very useful for the upcoming vehicle to search for the empty parking slot and park the car over there. The user can also reserve the space for the parking slots via smart phone. Through this user can reserve parking space for given location online in advance .Then user can place the vehicle in the parking slot with minimal fees. After study about some current systems and it shows that the current systems are not totally automated and require a certain level of human interference and communication with the system. The difference between our system and existing systems is that we intend to make our system as less human independent by automating whole parking area.

Keywords: Smart phone, Internet of Things (IoT), IR sensor, Raspberry Pi

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8426

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