Abstract: In a publication / subscription system based on content, authentication and confidentiality are very demanding. Due to the free coupling of publishers and subscribers to obtain the authentication of publishers and subscribers, it is very difficult, for example, the identification / authentication of the user and the confidentiality of the transmitted data  are  the  main challenges that most systems faces in distributed. The existing subscription system uses intermediaries, but there are still some problems with message delivery. This document uses the identity-based encryption approach to provide confidentiality and authentication in a content-based publication / subscription system without an intermediary. There are three main objectives for the secure publication / subsystem system that must be compatible with authentication, privacy and scalability. Our system stores only unique events by using hash mechanism. To achieve security, the event is dividing into multiple fragments and instead of storing on single node, fragments stores on multiple nodes.

Keywords: Content-based, publish/subscribe, broker-less, security, identity-based encryption, authentication, confidentiality, scalability, hash, fragments.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7625

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