Abstract: Image viewers that are available online currently pose a challenge to the users regarding the usability. With further investigations it was found that the users also face the barrier of cost. Most of the available free version of image viewer a user has to satisfy its needs with just basic features as all the other significant features comes at a cost. Therefore our project tries to tackle all of these problems. friendly. Image Viewer Slideshow, provides basic features ranging from opening a photo, zooming in and out , sliding pictures to see the next picture to advanced features like taking a live picture, editing the clicked photo to sharing the photo and even deleting it.
It is a simple android application which would help the users to access and use the app to edit images of various formats by giving them several options to choose from. This application will also have a highlight slideshow feature which will enable the user to view their images in one go. This app is made to be user friendly.

Keywords: features, user, image, photo, images, basic, picture, available, viewer

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11410

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