Abstract: Today the modifications added regarding by means of new skill had a significant effect on the lifestyles of humans residing in each and every corner of the globe. Traditional system of teaching and learning in training has been replaced by means of new and rising technologies. Information Technology is having a primary affect on all areas of education- curriculum, techniques of teaching, lecture room gaining knowledge of etc. Rapid conversation with expanded get admission to of Information Technology (ICT) in home, work area and academic institutions has make schooling a life-long process. Information technological know-how helps in merchandising opportunities of know-how sharing for the duration of the world. These can help instructors and college students in gaining up to date statistics and knowledge. For advantageous teaching and gaining knowledge of proper information is necessary. Information technological know-how is a set of equipment that can assist the right people with the proper records at the right time. This paper highlights the significance of IT in academic sector, effect of IT on lecture room teaching, blessings and disadvantages of IT. 

Keywords: Information Technology, Teaching-learning process, Communication, Internet, Computer

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81125

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