Abstract: For any specific kind of application software is designed by considering its platforms related to hardware and operating system. Before initiating the development of software products, it is important to plan the process carefully. A detailed knowledge related to the actual requirement of the user and he processes to be performed when developing the software are must since the software is large in size. To generate the source code from a sequential model, the software engineering based abstract-present model is applied for generating the code of secondary phase, the code designed from one phase is given as input to design another code. For classifying the required and non-required code through which the next phase of code can be designed, the SVM classifier is applied. Python is used to implement the proposed model. Based on certain performance parameters, the results are evaluated in this research.

Keywords: Software Development, SVM Classifier, Reverse Engineering, Python Code, Software Design, Python Classifier, SVM Approach, Application Software.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12679

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