Abstract: Electronic dumping is a global challenge and fortunately majority of these wastes could be recycled can provide an economically viable and healthy environment as well as offer new insights on how potential sources of environmental hazards could be transformed into useful products. In this paper, we present data used during the creation of an automated power outlet system from electronic wastes. Automated power control and distribution systems are important in reducing the cost of energy utilization in homes, offices, and in industrial environment. Usually, as energy utilization increases, the costs increases. The need to prioritize and conserve scarce energy becomes imminent especially in low income earning environments. Often times, the cost of acquisition of such devices may be high. This paper reflects on how components extracted from electronic wastes could be harnessed to produce computer-controlled power outlet system.

Keywords: Automated Power Distribution Control, Microcontroller, Electronic wastes, Environment, Power management

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.793

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