Abstract: In this paper we will describe a blockchain technology-based prototype that can be used in a small website. There are presently many fraud activities and corruptions taking place in the food supply schemes present as it sometimes does not reach the poor or the other sections of  the society. This paper focuses on developing blockchain prototype that is used to record all the transactions/records and log all these transactions. A simple end-to-end web based app of this kind of the blockchain prototype can be built that has most of the features and functionalities to carry out all kinds of the transactions between the central government, state government, the district office, ration shop/and the customers, are recorded in the system. The  user of the system can view the transactions of any part of the public distribution system. The project have  some features that is guaranteed to provide the most important aspect that is, the security using the concept of blockchain. 

Keywords: Blockchain, Public Distribution System, Blocks, POW, Mining, Bitcoin

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8624

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