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ABSTRACT: In today’s industrialized countries, women’s participation in the workforce has dramatically increased. This participation is one of the main reasons that affect baby care in many families from the birth of the baby to a certain age. The most important factors that should be followed in infants are values, body temperature and sleep patterns, which we can sometimes call vital functions. An abnormal increase in the temperature of the baby during sleep is one of the most critical factors causing sudden infant death syndrome, a febrile complication. In this article, an internet of things (IoT) based baby monitoring mechanism, namely a smart cradle structure, which tracks the real-time temperature, heart rate, wetness and sound of the baby is proposed, and the data received from the sensors will be transferred to a web platform via Wi-Fi and checked in real-time. In the case of crying, the cradle will swing autonomously. The alarm will be activated if the crying does not stop or if an abnormal increase in the measured body temperature, heart rate and humidity level is observed. Thanks to the alarm, it will be ensured that the person responsible for the care of the parent or baby will respond to the care that the baby needs in a timely manner. In addition, the LED will be placed in the cradle, and it will be monitored whether or not an alarm is given over the cradle.

KEY WORDS: Smart baby cradle system, internet of things (IOT).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10711

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