Abstract: During the early stages, infants need proper rest and sleep for growth and development. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to provide the necessary care and attention to the infant. But with the modern lifestyle, parents are busy and have a lot of work with little time to provide for their little ones. In today’s world we see that most of the families consist of mainly the parents and children. When a baby is born in a family there has to be someone to look after the baby. Some parents have to do a double task of keeping a check on the baby as well as do the household work. Keeping a nanny could be an option but not all can afford nannies and also it is always difficult for parents to rely on some strangers to look after their baby. So to help such parents we have decided to come up with a smart cradle which will help a mother or a father have a track of their child and do some household work simultaneously. When the baby cries the cradle will start swinging with the help of DC motor. The temperature and wetness sensor detects the temperature and wetness of the baby and if it increases a particular level, message will be send to the parents. The mic in the system detect, if the baby cries and a song will play through the speaker set up in the APR, also message is send to the parents using smart phones with the help of blynk server. Feeding time is also preset according to baby’s growth and is notified to the parent.

Keywords: APR, Blynk server, DC motor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8402

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