Abstract: Digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth in the sports industry, offering the potential to draw fans closer through innovative and customized experiences.
Digitization of sports has solved many traditional flaws that had dwelled in the system. One such flaw that still lives is the lack of ease with which a centralized body can organize sports events on a small scale.
This project aims to resolve this issue and also simplify the process of scorekeeping at the same time. It is for a fact that, in any sports tournament or an event, keeping track of scores and the results could be quite a tedious job if there aren’t proper tools available.
Thus, providing a platform accessible through a handheld mobile device that would allow users to digitize their experience while keeping track of the scores, results, player profiles, and match statistics is the final goal for the project.

Keywords: Scorecard, React-native, Sports management, Mobile application, Cross-platform, Android, IOS.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10517

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