Abstract: In India, we have government bodies like Municipal Corporation responsible for maintaining cities. It is Municipal Corporation’s responsibility to provide various services. It is their duty to address citizen’s problems and give response to them. Whenever any citizen has to register complaint he/she has to visit municipal corporation. This is tedious and time-consuming process. It needs lot of paper work like writing letter with detailed information about problem. Due to emergence of internet many complaint sites are developed to provide citizens to lodge complaint in an online way. But today’s generation tend use smart phones and mobile application instead of websites. So, considering current trends mobile application can be used instead of websites. Mobile application will not only be helpful to citizens but also make municipal corporation work feasible. Many features of smart phones like location sharing through GPS will be helpful to locate accurate area of problem.

Keywords: Mobile Application, Citizen, Municipal Corporation, Complaint, Online

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71143

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