Abstract: Beyond the infinite lighting options, smart poles offer many Smart City technologies, including electric car/vehicle (EV) charging unit, panic button, CCTV, Audio Speakers and Mobile equipment, weather stations and photovoltaic (PV) units within internal batteries and inverter, sized as applicable. Smart poles can improve parking and traffic management through real-time data, leading to a reduction in congestion and emissions. It can also monitor air quality and detect and notify officials about street flooding. The heart of the system is the solar panel which makes the entire project self- sustained. The entire system is powered by solar panel. It is equipped with the most efficient solar panel technology to power the smart pole. The proposed work uses ESP8266 WiFi module which analyses the input data and acts according to it. Multiple environmental sensors like humidity and temperature, gas sensors for measuring, monitoring, and recording environmental parameters and for pollution deduction. Smart pole integrates SOS button that will help our citizens to communicate with the services like hospitals or police, in emergency situations like thefts, and accident. Live streaming camera to provide surveillance of the surroundings gives security. This will be monitored by the authorities for providing the responses through the control room. Display board provides information of the environmental conditions and conveys messages to the public. Loud speaker system is used to alert the public in case of emergency and dissemination of information regarding pollution level and traffic

Keywords: Smart Pole, DBOOT model, Internet of Things (IoT), Solar Power

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12104

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