Abstract: Car parking is a major problem in urban areas in developed and additionally in developing countries. The growing range of vehicles creates a problem with parking spaces mainly in the city center and the surrounding streets. Current parking lot management is depends on either human personnel keeping track of the available car park spaces or a sensor based system that monitors the availability of every parking lot area or the general range of accessible parking lot areas. In both situations, the knowledge available was only the entire number of parking lot spaces available and not the particular location available. In addition, the installation and maintenance cost of a sensor based system depends on the amount of sensors utilized in a parking lot. This paper shows a vision based system that's ready to detect and indicate the available parking spaces during a parking lot. The methods utilized to detect available parking lot spaces were supported coordinates to point the regions of interest and a car classifier.

Keywords: Parking System, Ultrasonic Sensor, QR Code (Quick Response Code), IoT (Internet of Things)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10338

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