Abstract: Chatbot’s are computer application that interact with users using normal language. This technology started in the 1960 and the aim of technology was to see if chatbot systems could fool users that they were real humans. However, chatbot systems are not only built to copy human conversation, and entertain users. In this paper, we examine other applications where chatbots could be useful such as education, information retrival, business, and e-commerceA chatbot aims to make a conversation between human and machine. The machine has been embedded knowledge to determine the sentences and making a decision itself as response to answer a question. The response purpose is matching the input sentence from user. From input sentence, it will be scored to get the similarity of sentences, the higher score obtained the more similar of reference sentences. The sentence similarity calculation in this paper using web application which divides input sentence as two letters of input sentence. The information of chatbot are stored in the database. The chatbot consists of core and interface. The database has been considered as information storage and interpreter has been considered as stored programs of function and procedure sets for pattern-matching requirement. The interface is standalone which has been built using programming language of Java. In our system Natural Language Processing is used. Our system understands content of conversation based on recent Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Keywords: Chatbot, User, Communication, MySQL, Entertain

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8506

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