Abstract: In cloud computing, data generated in electronic form are in large amount. To maintain this data efficiently, there is a necessity of data recovery services. To cater this, in this topic we propose a smart remote data backup plan using Seed Block Algorithm (SBA) with Advance Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. In this topic we are proposing a procedure which allows users to store their data onto the cloud, as soon as the file is stored at the first cloud server it gets encrypted using AES. In case if the certain file gets deleted due to any reason, AES helps to recover that file from a backup file which is stored at a remote location. The time related issues are also being solved by proposed method such that it will take minimum time for the recovery process. Proposed method also focuses on the security concept for the back-up files stored at remote server using AES encryption algorithm.

Keywords: Seed Block Algorithm, AES, Cloud back-up, Remote cloud, Main Cloud.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9524

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