Abstract: Some of the research papers related to smart helmet with driver behaviour analysis to be analyzed in this review paper. In the new era smart helmet is a special idea which makes motor cycle driving safer than before. By studying all these papers, we get an idea that all the systems contain basic features like auto ignition with the help of helmet wearing status, alcohol content and accident detection. While reviewing these papers, we get more ideas about smart helmet, how to implement different sensors to sense different features and how to use the sensors within the helmet in proper manner. Some of these papers are using the same sensors like alcohol sensors, speed sensors and slight difference in the implementation only. The motive of this system is to ensure all the motorcycle riders should compulsorily wear helmet and obey traffic rule. Through this paper, the most remarkable studies of the last 6 years were studied thoroughly. It has a great feature of detecting accidents and inform to emergency contacts of the driver via SMS with location and speed of the bike before the accident occurs using GPS and GSM.

Keywords: Accelerometer, Alcohol sensor, GPS, GSM, SMS, Speed sensors

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9103

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