Abstract: The safety of miners in the mining environment is a major challenge. A miner's health and life are exposed to many critical issues. Underground mining requires continuous monitoring of every parameter like methane gas, high temperature, fire accidents monitored. Disasters in coal mines are due to the complexity of the mining environment and the various tasks carried out in coal mines. So, it is very important to monitor the working environment of coal mines. Coal mine monitoring systems are wired network systems that play an important role in the safe production of coal mines. Due to the continuous expansion and deepening of the exploitation areas of coal mines, many paths are turning into blind areas, which have a lot of hidden dangers. To overcome this problem, advanced mechanisms have been proposed in a coal mine safety monitoring system that can improve the monitoring level of production safety and reduce accidents in coal mines.

Keywords: Gas sensor, MEMS sensor, LDR sensor, Buzzer

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12404

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