Abstract—With the Internet of Things (IoT) gradually it evolves as the subsequent phase of the evolution of Internet, it becomes crucial for recognizing the various potential domains and also for application of the Internet of things, and the challenges of the research that are associated with these applications. Ranging from smart cities, to health care, agriculture, logistics and retail, to even smart living and smart environments Inter of things is expected to infiltrate into virtually all aspects of daily life. Even though the current Internet of things it enables the technologies which have greatly improved in the present years, there are still many more problems which require attention. Since the Internet of things concept ensues from heterogeneous technologies, many research challenges are therefor bound to arise. The fact that Internet of things is so expansive that affects practically all areas of our lives, makes it a significant research topic for studies in various related fields as information technology and computer science. Thus, Internet of things is paving the way for new dimensions of research that should be carried out. This paper presents the recent development of IoT technologies and future applications and challenges.
Keywords—Internet of Things; applications; smart:cities , environment , agriculture, living ,challenges .

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111158

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