An Inventory Maintenance System for Pharmacy is any system employed in a pharmacy that helps to automate the pharmacy
workflow. Maintenance of inventories is extremely crucial for the sustainable growth of any organization. That's why this project sets bent provide an efficient inventory system to handle all the small print. Disregarding the requirement of inventory in any organization can result in its shutting down, especially if the variables of productivity are poorly managed in progression to fulfill customers’ needs or desires.The main goal is to beat the standard technique of maintaining inventory details which is extremely difficult to handle. Inventory Maintenance Processes within the pharmacy are saddled with paperwork and manual checks. Of course, not all of those processes will be automated because of federal laws and therefore the technical limitations of your suppliers, but a Pharmacy Maintenance System is in a position to handle some routine tasks.With the assistance of a pharmacy management system, the pharmacists can get timely notification & alerts from the software, if any of the patients will need the medication soon, or the medication goes to expire.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11477

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