Abstract: Nowadays, the insulated gate bipolar transistor have been more useful in many applications as in HVDC systems, in FACTS systems and in many devices of power electronics. Comparing to this device to power MOSFET and bipolar transistors, it has the advantages to operate at much higher current density and higher blocking capability. This paper presented inverter losses calculation, a LC filter design for Three Phase Full Bridge IGBT based inverter. The filter is used while simulating in Matlab simulink a Three Phase Full Bridge IGBT based inverter to evaluate the Total Harmonic Distortion using the Fast Fourier Transform analysis and inverter loss calculation. Before filtering the THD is 48.62% and after filtering the THD is equal to 0.70%. The inverter LC filter parameters designed are the cutoff frequency of 400 Hz, the inductor of 3.105 mH and the capacitor of 3.22 10-5 F. The efficiency of the filter is very high as it reduces the total harmonic distortion of the inverter to less than 5%.

Keywords: IGBT inverter, THD, FFT analysis, LC Filter, IGBT losses.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12202

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