Abstract: With the world's population continuing to grow, rubbish management has become the most concerning issue, especially in the world's most populous nations. Overflowing trash cans or overflowing garbage disposal areas can spread a variety of dangerous infections to nearby residents. As a result, "IoT and deep learning based smart bin" are needed for garbage disposal, clearance, and monitoring. This will help to keep the neighbourhood clean and hygienic. The IoT-based smart garbage monitoring and clearing alarm system was proposed in this study. RGB led lights would be mounted to the bins to serve as an indicator of the level of waste inside the bin at any one time, giving users a sense of how much garbage is present inside each bin.After garbage has been disposed of, the sensor in the bin will monitor the amount of trash. When the waste level exceeds the maximum capacity level, the municipality will be notified. If the threshold is not reached but the trash is being removed for more than two days, a clearance alert will also be generated. To communicate alarms from the system's microcontroller to management, an android app is being built. The entire process saves on monitoring's human effort.

Keywords: Internet of Things, load sensors, garbage management, waste detection, and garbage monitoring

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12244

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