Abstract: For past few years, there have been several an accident of children falling into an abandon bore-well which is left uncovered and get trapped. These bore-wells in turn have many innocent lives. In addition to this an ultrasonic sensor. In order to determine the feasibility of the system a prototype was designed and fabricated. The prototype consists of all mechanical and electronics set up as discussed above but in miniature version. The prototype has a control module which consists of LCD display, motor driver IC, Nodemcu inbuilt micro controller with wi-fi module, control switches, buttons and power supply unit. Present scenario there have been several incidents reported on abandoned bore-wells which are turning in to death wells. Many innocent children are being trapped into these bore-wells and losing their lives. The actual purpose of bore-wells is to save lives, but these bore-wells in turn have started taking many innocent lives. Usually these rescue operations are very lengthy, complicated and very time taking processes. This paper presents a simple and effective method to rescue the child from the bore-well. This is the main electronic unit which controls and co-ordinates the whole systems operation. The project is intended to reduce the risk involved during the child rescues operation by analyzing the simulation.

Keywords: Bore-well, IOT, Child rescue.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10576

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