Abstract: Since we are currently residing in Computing Technology, it is essential for everyone and everything to be connected to the internet. IOT is a technology that brings us more and more close to this goal. Our project comprises of smart water monitoring system which is a small prototype for flood detection and avoidance system. This paper explains the working and the workflow of all the components present inside this project. The sensors sense the environment and sends real-time data to the cloud (firebase cloud) and users can view and access this data via their mobile platform. The model gives a warning after the water level rises to a particular height. Since it is a small scaled prototype for flood detection and avoidance system, the working of this model is good. The data are uploaded and changed in the cloud in precision to the sensor and a real-time change in the mobile application is achieved. This model can be used to greatly reduce the casualties in a devastating event of flood.

Keywords: sensors, level

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10921

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