Abstract: This design presents the overall design of a Home robotization System ( HAS) with a low-cost and wireless system. It specifically focuses on the development of an IOT-grounded home robotization system that's suitable to control colorful factors via the internet or be automatically programmed to operate from ambient conditions. In this design, we design the development of a ϐirmware for smart control which can successfully be automated minimizing mortal commerce to save the integrity within the whole electrical bias in the home. A smart home will take advantage of its terrain and allow ϐlawless control of whether the stoner is present or down. With a home that has this advantage, you can know that your home is performing at its stylish energy performance. enforcing this system will allow you to explore a variety of engineering tasks, including software programming, circuit board design, Wi-Fi, TCP/ IP protocols, web garçon sense design, and other aspects. This robotization system allows you to understand the challenges of software and tackle development.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125259

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