Abstract –In every country agriculture is finished from ages that are considered to be science and additionally art of cultivating flora. In day today life, technology is updating and it's also important to trend up agriculture too. IoT performs a key function in smart agriculture. Internets of things (IoT) sensors are used to provide necessary facts approximately agriculture fields. the principle gain of IoT is to display the agriculture by using the use of the wireless sensor networks and acquire the facts from distinct sensors which might be deployed at numerous no des and send by means of wi-fi protocol.

by using the usage of IoT machine the smart agriculture is powered by using Node MCU. It includes the humidity sensor, temperature sensor, moisture sensor and DC motor. This gadget starts to check the humidity and moisture degree. The sensors are used to experience the level of water and if the extent is beneath the range then the system robotically stars watering. consistent with the trade in temperature level the sensor does its job. IoT also suggests the statistics of humidity, moisture stage via together with date and time. The temperature stage based on form of vegetation cultivated can also be adjusted.

Keywords: IoT, Soil, Moisture and Temperature sensors, Relay, a module , Thing Speak

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125278

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