Abstract: The Public delivery machine is a first-rate supply of earnings in growing nations like India. Earlier to order a price price tag humans  needed to  waste a whole lot of time with the  aid of using status in an extended queue Bus wishes a  conductor to accumulate cash and problem price price tag to every  passenger; it's time consuming, guide blunders like flawed distribution of ticket, passenger visiting without ticket,  foreign exchange and plenty of different troubles occur. To triumph over this problem’s, we're going to recommend a gadget referred to as Smart cashless ticketing gadget for bus (without conductor without stop).. This machine elaborates the set up of Smart Card reader circuit in every and each bus to calculate the price price tag charges Depending upon the distance (quantity of stations) travelled; the corresponding price is mechanically deducted  From the user’s money owed and via GSM module message is ship on passengers mobile. This makes the cashless ticketing system.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12441

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