Abstract: In developing countries like India, the poor people meet their fundamental needs through subsidy provided by the government for basic domestic commodities. The prevailing public distribution structure in Ration shops involves labour intensive measurement of quantity. This current system also requires transaction record maintenance. Numerous difficulties are met through this prevailing system. Some of the major issues are ration distribution to unauthorized card holders, excess time spent by the public in the queue for collecting the ration, involving in the transgressions like hoarding, overcharging and black marketing by the authorities and human interference in transaction updating and ledger maintain process. In order to overcome such issues, Internet of Things based smart card system is proposed in which automatically dispenses the basic commodities to genuine card holders after verifying the card holder details. This system also helps in maintaining the transaction details in a separate database in order to prevent any transgression.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Smart Card System, Biometric System, Raspberry Pi, Android Application.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115215

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