Abstract: This paper describes a real-time soil monitoring for the agriculture farmlands to provide optimal and integrated data collections. Real- time monitoring provides reliable, timely information of crop and soil status plays an important role in the decision making in the crop production improvement. Agriculture depends on many parameters such as inter and intra variability of plants to give better yields such as soil parameters, climatic parameters and so on. Here the system is designed to collect the data set for major parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity and carbon-dioxide of the fields. The system consists of an ATmega 328 microcontroller, DHT11 Sensor, soil hygrometer, light intensity sensor, soil pH sensor, MQ-135 sensor and DC motor. Data sets collected were used for the analysis of selection of crops and their vulnerabilities for regulating the irrigation parameters which will be of help in the agricultural practices, it will make easy way for farmers to take decision on planting a crops, watering and fertilizing them by avoiding the interference of hydro geologists and soil scientists by giving precaution. The obtained results were compared with the standardized optimum values for the particular crops and based on the differences inputs for the crops are varied. The automated watering helps the crops to get flow of water to fields based on the parameters, which is controlled by the DC motor. Multi sensor implementation for acquiring primary parameters essential for plant growth is the main aim of the paper. Easily available sensors were a motivation for the development of this project.

Keywords:ATmega328 microcontroller, DHT11 sensor, soil hygrometer, light intensity sensor, soil PH sensor, MQ-135 sensor and moisture sensor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114198

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