Abstract: The project aims to design a dynamic traffic signal system based on density, where the timing of the signal will adjust automatically when the traffic density is detected at any junction. In most cities around the world, traffic congestion is a serious problem and it is therefore time to change more manual or fixed timer mode to an automated decision-making system and also to provide special schedule for emergency vehicle. The current traffic signalling system is based on fixed time, which may make it inefficient if one lane is operational than the other lanes. In addition, the proposed system has innovative services that allow drivers to remotely monitor the traffic rate and the number of parking spaces accessible to their destination using an Android smartphone app to prevent traffic jams and take another alternative route to avoid getting stuck and also to make it easier for drivers to avoid unnecessary trips while searching for a free parking space. In order to connect people to a smart city, our system combines three linked smart subsystems (cross-road management, parking space management, and a mobile application). It also implements the proposed Spherical Routing Protocol (SpRP) and tests its performance metrics.

Keywords: traffic signal, Arduino, microcontroller, automated system.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10110

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