Abstract: This project is to design and implement the smart train Black box system for train accident and security system. The rapid rise of technology and infrastructure has made our lives easier. The high demand of automobiles has also increased the traffic hazards and road accidents. Life of the people is under high risk. The delay in reaching of the ambulance to the accident location and the traffic congestion in between accident location and hospital increases the chances of death of the victim. This proposed IOT based accident detection system helps to reduce the loss of life due to accidents and also reduces the time taken by the ambulance to reach the hospital. To detect the accident there is accelerometer sensor present in this rescue system and the IOT module included sends messages about the location to the respective guardian and rescue team. This automatic ambulance rescue system project is useful in detecting the accident. The sensor will work as a providing security to the owner who is inside the train.

Keywords: IDE, LDO, RST, DIP Black box system.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.107102

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