Abstract: Cloud computing is a model that helps to speed up and increase the flexibility of data management with reduced cost. It is undeniable that cloud computing has brings us lots of benefits and becoming more popular nowadays. Many large companies start using cloud service in their business. While the cloud computing is widely used, the security becomes a concern to everyone who use cloud services. There is a lot of security arises continuously while there are improvement as well on the security model of the cloud service provided. Despite the increasing use of the cloud service, the user should use the cloud service provided wisely in a way that always ensure good security practices so that this technology have the potential to bring the information technology to the next level. In this paper we have provided the foundation in regards to major issues and challenges in cloud computing and we have also proposed a data recovery technique in cloud computing.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Issues and Challenges, Security, Cloud Models

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8431

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