ABSTRACT: Virtual Smart Assistant is customizing programs/structures which are expected for dying the human undertakings. The Most commended utilization of iPhone is "SIRI" which helps the top customer to offer end customer flexible with voice and it similarly responds to the voice requests of the customer. Same quite use is moreover advanced by the Google that's "Google Voice Search" which is employed for in Android Phones. Nonetheless, this Application by and enormous works with Internet Connections. Nevertheless, our Proposed System has ability to figure with and without Internet Connectivity. It is named as Personal Assistant with Voice Recognition Intelligence (Alexa), which takes the customer commitment to kind of voice or text and cycle it and returns the yield in various constructions like movement to be performed or the question yield is coordinated to the end customer. Also, this proposed structure can change the strategy for relationship between end customer and the Computer System. The system is being arranged with the goal that all of the organizations given by the PC's or Laptops is open by the end customer on the customer's voice orders.

KEYWORDS: SIRI, Google Voice Search, Alexa, PC, Laptop, Internet, Cortana, Google Assistant.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105156

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