Abstract: Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Thus, they have become a big target for attacks such as malware. While smartphone malware is very popular in their search community, charging attack are often ignored by the literature. As public charging stations are common, the charging attacks will become a big concern and be used to compromise user’s privacy. Vulnerability of smartphone charging and introduce juice filming attacks that can steal sensitive information by recording screen activities during charging. The display of smartphones can be leaked through a standard micro USB connector using the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard or the iPhones' lightning connector, making our attack feasible in both Android OS and iOS. Furthermore, the implementation of prototype called Juice Caster, which can automate the whole adversary procedure including video-capturing user’s inputs, dividing videos into images extracting texts from images with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Keywords: Mobile security and vulnerabilities, Android and iOS security, Video recording, charging attacks.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9657

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