Abstract: Security has reliably been a huge concern in our regular daily existence. Locks are a piece of it whether it is the crucial door lock, interconnecting door lock, bathroom door lock, furniture lock, stuff lock, screen, and barbecue door lock, etc. Here, we have proposed making a Knock-Knock system for door lock using Arduino which can distinguish the example of your knocks at the door and will possibly open the lock on the off chance that the knocking example coordinates with the right example. This paper depends on uniquely crafted Arduino whose sole plan is cost cutting of the completed outcome and the calculation for knock design identification is created utilizing the Arduino programming condition. We have integrated a reset button close by two situations with that are important for the testing of the undertaking and joining up or enrolling new knock designs. Right when the client knocks, custom Arduino board arranges the knock plan with the knocking calculation and opens the door assuming the knock design coordinates with the model enrolled.
Key words: security, knock- knock, Arduino UNO, knock detection, sensor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11577

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