Abstract: In today's world, humans exchange information mainly through books or some digital media, which have everything written or printed on them. But to access these sources, a person mainly needs to have vision. However, for people who are deprived of vision, gathering information is mainly done by listening. To process the speech for a huge range of applications, continuous efforts have been taken. Speech recognition and its conversion to text has been extremely useful in many applications. In the field of electronics and computers, speech is not used much due to its complexity and variation in accents of the individual. However, with the help of complex algorithms and methods we can process speech signals to convert to text. This paper deals with the translation of speech from one language to another language using Raspberry Pi. This application is quite useful for Blind people. The code for the application program is written using Python programming language and embedded in Raspberry Pi. This application developed of conversion of speech from one language to another language can be the most useful and flexible approach.

Keywords: Language Learning for Blind, Foreign Language Learning, Speech Recognition, Speech to text display, Raspberry Pi.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7626

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