Abstract: In this research paper, a study on Light Fidelity (LI-FI) technology has been done for data transmission. LASER is used for data transmission in proposed technique using LI-FI. A large number of data packets is transferred through light communication technology within less time period compared to existing techniques. Optical channel is used to transfer data between sender and receiver using specific data transmission protocol. In LI-FI we have used an optical channel to encode an information into an optical signal. A receiver is there at the end to reproduces the message received from the optical signal. Here we are sending audio and data over Laser light to solar panel. For Audio signal transmission, the positive end of Laser is connected to 5v supply, ground of Laser is connected to aux cable to audio device, the signal amplitude fluctuation is transmitted to solar panel, the solar panel output is connected to amplifier circuit connected to speaker. For Data transmission Laser source is connected to Arduino uno microcontroller, the text data is converted to digital output in 1, 0 forms to the solar panel. At the receiving side the solar panel is connected to Arduino uno, in Arduino a threshold value of signal is defined, if value above threshold defined value is 1, if value below threshold defined value is 0. The data that is received is then decoded to text form is taken out via serial monitor or lcd display.

Keywords: Wireless communication, Visible light communication, Audio transmission, Data transmission.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12452

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