Abstract:With advancement in technology, the cloud computing emerging as a trending topic has been a serious point of discussion for the previous couple of years. With enhancement in technologies more people are engaging themselves personally or professionally over the web. With the rapid demand for service-oriented computing in association with the expansion of cloud computing technologies, large-scale virtualized data centers are established throughout the world. With regards to technological advancements, the associated shortcomings like environmental footprint caused by them also become an affair of high significance. The demand in cloud has been increasing enormously which cause increase within the energy consumption of information centers, which results in different kinds of critical issues. These huge data centers consume power at an outsized scale that leads to a high operational cost. The large carbon footprint from the energy generators is another great issue to deal heating. It is essential to lower the speed of carbon emission and energy consumption the maximum amount as possible.In this paper, a survey has been provided on how efficiently energy must be managed supported Green Cloud Computing.

Keywords:Energy efficient, Cloud, Data center, Green Cloud.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9914

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