Abstract: In this research, we present an android app for maintaining Logbook for storing daily record of professors at department level. The proposed approach can be used to maintain the record of topics which the faculty covered and total number of lecture taken by professor on daily basis. Log book maintenance registers and other papers containing information of the department and college work are included in college records.. To maintain such record on daily basis we requires registers, so to overcome this issue we proposed a app based on log book maintenance for college at department level. This will keep all record of the number of students present at respective lecture of respective faculty and the topic which the respective faculty have taken lecture with date, All records will be stored in database. This will be an online app for the maintenance of log book for faculty members which will reduce there burden of maintaining logbook in registers manually.
A teacher's mobile phone can accompany him or her wherever he or she goes, including inside the classroom, allowing him or her to efficiently supervise a class. Mobile phones can now be used to improve student organisation, speed cooperation, and maximise technology portability. Recording, searching, reading, and updating a student's essential academic information will be faster, more convenient, and only a click away with the use of mobile phones.

Keywords: Log book maintenance, records, department, database, technology

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114160

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