Abstract: Alexa usually responds to voice commands but what about the people who cannot hear and speak. Everyone should adapt new technologies which will ease their life. So to overcome this problem we are Making Amazon Echo to Respond to sign language. This device will help the deaf mute to interact with Alexa by showing gestures and actions. Here camera will be used to interpret signs from the user then the signs will be converted to text and speech and then Alexa's response will be transcribed. For developing this device there is need of A neutral network to interpret the signs,
A text to speech system to speak the interpreted sign to Alexa by using Web Speech API for speech synthesis to speak out the detected label, A speech to text system to transcribe the response from Alexa for the user again by using Web Speech API for transcribing the Echo’s response which responds to the query clueless to the fact that it came from another machine. And then an interface for which we have to design a browser which connects the network and web Speech API which can be opened in laptop with webcam this interface will combine all together and make Alexa to respond sign language.

Keywords: Alexa, Amazon Echo , CNN, RNN, LRCN.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10607

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