Abstract: In today’s world the important security threat is the disclosure of password files. To prevent such password file breaches, the Honeyword mechanism is introduced. Honeywords are decoy or fake passwords and it is a set of words which are very similar to the real passwords that is submitted by the user for a particular account. For every user’s account, the set of Honeywords are generated. Thus, the attacker get confused to detect the real passwords and Honeywords. The Honeyword concept was introduced to detect the failure and an unauthorized access. The mechanism of Honeypot is basically introduced for confusing the attacker and making difficult to distinguish between the actual data from the decoy data. Through this we can collect the attacker’s details without knowing them. Fake or decoy files are made available only when unauthorized access is detected by the Honeyword generation mechanism.

Keywords: Honeyword, Honeypot, SIM Blocking, Decoy data, Intruder.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10219

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