Abstract: Mechanism for prescribing drug in hospitals and its substitute availability in nearby hospitals of area / city. It has many benefits for those prescribing and dispensing medicines, and also for the maintenance of medical records. Generic substitution of brand prescription is an accepted practice in many parts of the world and mainly done for the economic purpose. This project can be implemented on the basis of application in which the medicines can be bought by the patients in low prices having same contents as that of medicine prescribed by doctors. This system can bring a lot of change in the medical field. Being in the 21st century it has become very necessary to hold up with the latest technologies. As far as medical services are concerned, Use of generic medicine lacks at a point. Since, the use of branded medicine is at large scale it becomes difficult for some people to use them. It is beneficial for people to use generic medicines as it is highly cost effective. Many of the people cannot afford the medicines prescribed by doctor because it is expensive. It is the matter of fact that many of deaths occur due to unaffordable medicines.

Keywords: Generic medicines, Health System, Substitution, Symptoms

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8442

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